Because they're family.
When I tell people I am a pet photographer, I get one of two reactions. The first one is a blank stare, sometimes saying "Is that a thing?", or maybe they just nod and walk away. The second reaction is a really excited "Really? That's so cool!" while the person gets their phone out to show me photos of their furry pride and joy.
I cater to people who have the second reaction! My dogs are an integral part of my life, and I choose to work with people who have that same attitude about their very own fur family!
Let's be honest, the market is saturated with photographers. But, I'm probably the only one carrying around squeakers, treats and clickers to make sure I get that "ears up/head tilt" shot everyone is hoping for. My favorite sessions are those we do at the place your pet is most comfortable while capturing moments that make them such an important member of your family so you can cherish them forever.
Meet my two favorite boys!
Pets in Focus Official Model
Chief Snuggler


Motto: Will Pose For Treats

Squeaky Toy Hoarder